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The Humor UNIVERSE!!!
Add-On Funny Stories

This page is completely devoted to my friends. After all, they have to put up with me, right? I think they deserve some recognition!

My friends and I start a story with a situation. Then the person who thought of the situation starts the story, and then it gets passed on to the next person, and so on. Really quite a fun game! Hope you enjoy them, more are on their way!

(Kristi): You have just stolen a car and now the cops are chasing you...

(Kristi): I have just stolen a convertable from Ben's Cars, and now the police are hot on my tail. Dana (me): I'm trying to think, but my mind is racing. I know! I'll drive off the city bridge! Perfect plan. (Tiffany): Bbrroooooom! Crash! (Kristi): DAMN! I smashed the car! I was only trying to find a shortcut. SHIT!!! The police! (Emily): I run, and get away but stumble and fall into some deep holes. I think I broke my leg! (Me): I'm done for now. Oh my gosh, I forgot! I can become invisible! Should have thought of that before. *Shroooroink* I'm invisible! (Kristi): Hmmm. Maybe not! "You are now surrounded, put your arms up." The police! I cover my eyes with my hand. "I can't see you so you can't see me!"
(The Police)-"He's insane! Huh?! Where'd he go?!?!?"

(Kristi): You have just found out your best friend is dating your crush...

(Kristi): I hop in my convertable, I'm furious. "How can she do this to me!?" I yell. She knew I liked him yet she said yes. I'm now blasting my music and speeding down the empty freeway...(Me): "Oh I wish I was an oscar myar weiner..." Man, I really do feel like a weiner. I'm boiling! I guess I better start formulating a revenge plan. *Grins evily* (Tiffany): To have sex is all I wanted. But now she is fucking some other bastard. I mean that literally! (Kristi): I can't help it I wanted to have sex with her since the day I met her. Yeah that's right, I'm mad because Cody has her and I don't!

(note)...this kind of turned bisexual, didn't it? LOL Sick humor. Sick friends...

More stories are on their way!