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About Me
About Me

(Just in Case You Were Wondering)


This is where I'll tell a little about myself. If you have read everything up to now, you already know a bunch about me. If you haven't read everything before this, go do so now before you read my little mini autobiography.

Right off the bat I better tell my stats. I'm 15, female, and I'm from northern Minnesota. Now I'll continue.

Well, we might as well start with my pets. I have 4 cats named Buddy, Chloe, Molly, and Mama Kitty. I also have a dog, an English Springer Spanial named Rosie. She is supposed to be a hunting dog but she is more of a rock hound! She likes, for some dumb reason, chasing rocks and carrying them around. Another pet I have is a guinea pig named rocky. The last pet I have is a mouse named Herman, and he is no ordinary mouse. He is wild. My cat chloe caught him and brought him into my room. I took him in, put him in an old glass aquarium, and he's been in that thing for the past year! He even taught himself to run in a hamster wheel!

I have a very big interest in dragons. I read books on them, I have statues of them. I just love them. That's one of the biggest reasons I'm Pagan/Wiccan, you can befriend real dragons! E-mail me if you want to know more.

My hobbies/interests are basically reading, writing, photography, and drawing. I really wish I had a scanner so I could put some of these things on this site. Oh well.

The music I like can be summed up by this: TECHNO RULES!!! Mainly Eiffel 65.

Well, that's enough info about me for now. I'll probably update this later on. All For Now!

For more about me, just e-mail me!