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The Extraterrestrial Wanderer


This Page Will Tell You All You Need To Know (Or at least all I know) About Extraterrestrial Wanderers

The Extraterrestrial, ET, or commonly called "alien" has been talked about for many, many years way back through time. Now, I don't care if you don't believe what I'm about to explain to you or not. I'm just bringing the information public. Now I will procede...

ET Wanderers are extraterrestrial souls incarnated into human form and born into the world by human parents. They serve a purpose on earth throughout life, either to help the earth itself (polution issues, wildlife, ect.) or to help humans evolve into the higher densities. If everything goes as planned, this change is supposed to take place between 2010 to 2013, along with the comming of Nibiru.

There are many different veiws on what the movement to a higher density really really means, but I myself happen to think of it as a higher state of consiousness. A psychic awareness. Now I don't mean to say that everyone will develope psychic powers or anything, just a hightened sense of awareness. Maybe not everyone will feel it. I guess we won't know untill it comes. The higher densities would also bring a change in the poles of the earth. It's all in the Polarity game. Value dark and light equally. In order to have light, you must have dark, and so on.

Extraterrestrial Wanderers are in no way hostile. We look like humans, act like humans, make mistakes like humans, and we can't shoot lazers out of our fingertips! Haha, it would be pretty cool if we could though! ETs have been here on earth before humans were.

Many people would be afraid if an ET Wanderer told them about the whole ordeal with saving the earth because of all the happenings with the Grays. The Grays are the types of aliens with the big head, little body, and huge slanted eyes. They're the ones people say they've been abducted by. They are looked upon as being hostile because they have no human emotions. They don't care if they kill you or not. What many people don't realize (myself as well before now) is that many Greys do in fact have feelings, emotions, and are also part of the Polarity Game. The reason why many people fear the word "alien" or "extraterrestrial" is because they have been brainwashed into believing all ETs are bad.

Besides Wanderers, also called Starseeds and Star People, there are Walk-ins. Walk-ins are still ETs, but they get here by a different way. They place themselves into a human body. Really, the ET soul pops into the body, and the other soul leaves. These are often easier to spot then Wanderers, because it often happens to people who are not usually very nice or even hostile. This isn't always the case, but often. The ET changes the person's personality for the better, but I don't know as much about Walk-ins as I do Wanderers. I know more about Wanderers simply because I am one.

There are many Extraterrestrial Wanderers out there that don't even know they are ETs. Those are called "sleeping wanderers." Most ETs on earth fit that catigory. There is a test you can take to find out if you are a Wanderer, and I provide that below. Check it out, you might learn something.

Space Background 2

The Sleeping ET's Quiz
(excerpted by permission from Dr. Scott Mandelker's book, From Elsewhere: Being ET in America; the Subculture of Those Who Claim to be of Non-Earthly Origins

You Are Most Likely An ET Wanderer If...

* You were often lost in daydreams of ETs, UFOs, other worlds, space travel and utopian societies as a child. Perhaps your family thought you were 'a bit odd,' without knowing quite why.

* You felt your parents were not your true parents, that your real family was far away and hidden. Perhaps you thought things around you were somehow 'not the way they should be,' and reminded you of life somewhere 'far away.' These beliefs may have caused you a great deal of pain and sorrow. You felt 'out of place.'

* You've had one or more vivid UFO experiences (in a dream or waking hours) which dramatically changed your life: they helped you resolve doubts, inspired confidence and hope, and gave you meaning and greater purpose. From then on, you knew you were a different person. Like a spiritual wake-up call, it changed your life.

* You are genuinely kind, gentle, harmless, peaceful and non-aggressive (not just sometimes, but almost always). If 'someone must do without,' it usually ends up being you--such is your habitual self-sacrifice. Acts of human cruelty, violence and perpetual global warfare seem really strange (shall we say, alien?). You just can't figure out all this anger and rage.

* You have a hard time recognizing evil and trickery: some people call you naive (and they're right!). When you do perceive genuine negativity in your midst, you recoil in horror and may feel shocked that "some people really do things like that." In a subtle way, you actually feel confused. Perhaps you vaguely sense having known a world free of such disharmony.

* The essence of your life is serving others (be they family, friends, or in a profession), and you cherish great ideals, which may also be somewhat innocent and naive (in worldly terms). But you sincerely, deeply hope to improve the world. A lot of disappointment and frustration comes when such hopes and dreams don't materialize.

* You completely embrace the 'scientific' temperament, with a cool, reasonable, and measured approach to life. Human passion and red hot desire seem strange: you are baffled. Romance and the entire world of feelings are truly foreign to your natural way. You always analyze experiences, and so people say you're always in your head--which is true! [Note:This type of Wanderer is less common, and probably wouldn't subscribe to The ET Journal--their scepticism would be too great! Such an 'odd bird' is probably a brilliant scientist.]

* You easily get lost in science fiction, medieval epic fantasy (like The Lord of the Rings and visionary art. Given a choice, you'd much prefer to live in your dreams of the past or future than in the present. Sometimes you consider your Earth life boring and meaningless, and wish you could go to a perfect, exciting world. Such dreams have been with you a long time.

* You have an insatiable interest in UFOs, life on other worlds or previous Earth civilizations, such as Atlantis or Lemuria. Sometimes you feel like you've really been there, and may even go back someday. There may be quite a few of such books on your bookshelves. [Actually, this question is a give-away, since only Wanderers and Walk-ins have profound, undying curiosity about other worlds beyond--and for good reason!]

* You have a strong interest in mystic spirituality (East or West), both theory and practice, with a deep sense that you used to have greater abilities and somehow lost them. You may feel it's unnecessary to discipline yourself since 'you've already been there,' but somehow forgot what you used to know. People may doubt your resolve, but you know it's not that simple.

* You have become a conscious channel for ETs or some other non-Earth source--and you realize that the purpose of your life is to help others grow and evolve. [Most likely, you're no longer sleeping, Wanderer!]

* You feel, and perhaps all your life have felt tremendous alienation and a sense of never quite fitting in. Maybe you hope to be like others, try your best to be 'normal,' or imagine yourself like everyone else--but the bottom line is that you simply feel different and always have. There is a very real fear of never finding a place in this world. [Which you might not! Note: this is the classic profile of Wanderers]