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The Pagan/Wiccan Way


The Way it Works

There are many religions out there in this world. Many people, if they are brought up through a certain one, regard all other religions as not being "right." I'm mainly talking about the Christian religion. I'm not badmouthing it at all, you who is reading this might be Christian, I'm just saying that that is the way they think. Now if you are Christian, I suggest you not read this page. There are many things on it that you might find go against your religion. Only a warning, and now I will continue.

I will only be discussing my own way of practicing the religion. It is not the only good one out there, and there are many forms of them. This is just what I do.

First off, I go by the Wiccan Rede (law): "An ye harm none, do as ye will" which basically means you can do what you want within limits, as long as you don't hurt anyone or anything.

I consider myself a mix of both Pagan and Wiccan. I've read books from both perspectives, and I practice a bit from each. This page is pretty blank right now, so I am hoping to get more people to come here and email me suggestions. I'd like to get some chants and rituals put on this page. If you have suggestions, chants, meditations, or rituals you'd like on this site, please email me.