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The Great Orion Nebula
The Extraterrestrial Wanderer
The Pagan/Wiccan Way
The Dragon's Lair
About Me

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Hello to All, and Welcome to My Site!


This site is devoted to the weird and weird at heart. Not all of us are that lucky...


Are you bored? I mean really bored? Well, my site should bring you out of that boring state of human consciousness that we all suffer from. I've probabaly got stuff on this site that you've never even heard of...or maybe you have? That would explain why you're here! Well, enjoy yourself and have fun!

Okay, to some of you weird may be a bit extreme. So what?
Being weird ain't half bad, you should try it! This page is meant for anyone interested in weird stuff. I've got quite a bit here about Extraterrestrial Wanderers, and also some stuff on Pagan/Wiccan issues. Check it out, feel free to jump around. Lots of good stuff here.